• "Born and brought up in England, I never had answers about why we do and don’t do the things we were told to follow as a Jain. My son goes to Arhat Touch, and has clear answers about why he performs puja every morning, why he puts a tilak on his forehead at the derasar, why he doesn’t eat greens during Paryushan, why he offers khamasana … I learn from him! And his knowledge enables him to do all of this with utmost connection. Arhat Touch is beautifully designed to give this curious generation a reason to continue following Jain principles.”

    Mrs. Ami Shah
  • "The ripple effects of Shrimad Rajchandra Divinetouch are far-reaching! The simple lessons of gratitude, humility, thankfulness, peace for all, equanimity, etc. have kept the children grounded."

    Aarti Shah, PhD
    Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Eli Lilly and Company Indianapolis